Animal Welfare Code

The Animal Welfare Act was passed in 2006 and represents the most significant change to animal welfare law in nearly a century. Under this Act owners have a legal duty to meet the five welfare needs of their pets and whilst in our care we, as Dog Groomers, we also share the same responsibility.

Suitable Environment

You need to make sure your pet has a suitable place to live, providing an appropriate environment, shelter and resting area. If an animal does not have secure shelter from rain, wind or bad weather or has no bedding or the wrong kind of bedding, the person responsible for this animal is failing to comply with this need. Whilst in our care we will provide a safe, clean and secure environment with suitable ventilation.

We provide a safe, secure and clean environment for every dog, including ventilation and heating.

Suitable Diet

You need to make sure your pet has the appropriate diet to maintain full health and vigour as well as the provision of fresh water at all times. If you provide an animal with food but it is not the correct food to provide for their needs you are failing to meet this need. You may also be failing to meet this need if you provide food which makes an animal obese. Whilst in our care we will ensure there is fresh water available.

We provide fresh drinking water and will consult with you before rewarding your dog with treats to make the grooming process more enjoyable.


This need points to the provision of sufficient space, proper facilities and allowing your pet to exhibit behaviours which are as close as possible to those it would exhibit in the wild. For example you need to ensure your pet has plenty of opportunity to rest undisturbed when needed and to play with other friendly dogs or people. They must get the exercise they need to be fit, active and stimulated and opportunity for toileting when required.


We make sure dogs in our care have regular toilet breaks and space to exercise. We will provide your dog with regular toilet breaks during the grooming process, as well as short walk before to ensure they are settled.  


You have a responsibility to make sure your pet has the company it needs, including the opportunity to spend time with other dogs and people or kept away from animals that they are fearful of or which can lead to aggression. You should ensure no pets are left alone for long periods of time or long enough for them to become distressed. At Clippity Snip we work on a one to one basis so your pet is never left alone or housed with other animals they are not familiar with.

We only offer 1-1 appointment ensuring your dog has our full attention. For this reason, we do not use cages. 


You need to ensure that pain, disease or injury are prevented or that if they are not preventable, that any pain, disease or injury is quickly diagnosed and treated. If you are responsible for an animal and it is in pain and you chose to ignore it and fail to seek treatment you are neglecting the welfare of this animal and therefore breaking the law. At Clippity Snip we undertake a health check on each dog and practice safe handling of animals. We maintain a clean salon and ensure all equipment is PAT tested. We also keep a fully stocked first aid kit and have completed training in Animal First Aid

We practice safe handling, maintain a cleanly environment and ensure all equipment is PAT tested. As well as holding a certification for Canine First Aid, in case of emergency. 

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