Your Appointment

Your appointment will include the following as a standard:


We provide a full phone consultation before every appointment. 


We take time to get to know you and your dog to ensure the grooming experience is comfortable, enjoyable but most of all, meets your expectations. 

Velocity Dryer

We use a Airmax High Velocity Dryer which has a reduced sound output. 


Perfect for those dog who are slightly nervous and sensitive to sound. We also use Happy Hoodies snoods to protect your dogs ear drums from any potential damage. 

Health Check

We provide a complete health-check on your dog.


We check their ears, eyes, teeth and skin for any abnormalities to ensure your dog is in the best health. If there are any concerns will will take the time to speak with.



We finish the experience with a Puppacino.


We treat your dog to a Puppacino, whipped cream topped with a charcoal biscuit. This way your dog begins to associate grooming with feelings of enjoyment.

Hydro Therapy

We use a Hydrotherapy bath for increased blood circulation. 


Our Hydro Bath gives us the capability to stimulate skin by soft spray massaging water release, providing a therapeutic water massage for your dog, relieving tired muscles.

Doggy Bag

You and your dog receives one of our Doggy Bags.


Our famous Doggy Bag is packed with a Homemade Bandanna, Peanut Butter & Cream Cheese Pupcake, Loyalty Card and Discount Cards for you and your human friends.