Support Us To End The Dog Meat Trade In Asia

The dog meat trade is one of the most serious animal welfare issues in Asia. 


The availability of dog meat is widespread in Asia, where the welfare concern is enormous due to the large numbers of dogs being stolen from owners, taken from the streets or sourced from farms, transported long distances and inhumanely slaughtered.


Dogs and cats are crammed together on the back of trucks and driven for days—sick, hungry, thirsty, injured and afraid—then beaten to death or hanged in slaughterhouses or markets. In South Korea, dogs are bred in barren cages, without proper food, water or protection from the elements. 


Become an animal defender and support us to end this crazed regime. You can support us by visiting the Four Paws website and signing the petition:


By signing the petition, you’ll join the global movement of people calling for an end to: 

  • The theft of millions of family pets in Southeast Asia to be slaughtered for the trade 

  • The capture of stray cats and dogs from the streets of Southeast Asia for their meat

  • The brutal killing methods such as drowning, hanging and torching alive 

  • The risk of rabies to humans and animals through this trade