Our Story


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Mad Dog Grooming was created after we noticed the need for a more Modern Mobile Grooming Service in the North West.


We spent 6 months building our modern grooming to provide the most professional service for our clients. Our van is fitted with leading technology including: a Redcape Hydrotherapy Bath and Airmax dryer. 


We’ve really invested in creating a service that is memorable and enjoyable for both of our clients; human and canine. Each appointment includes a; Consultation, Health-Check, Puppacino and Goody Bag, packed full of treats. Cuddles are free.


We come to your preferred location, making it much easier for you and your dog. No more driving and waiting at salons on the weekends. All we need is a safe place to park and electric hook up.


Mobile Grooming is perfect for owners of new, nervous or senior dogs. Nervous yourself? Feel free to sit in on your dog’s groom.

Want to get to know us more? Read the uncut* version of our story.

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Head of Operations

Our Head of Operations, Neil, takes care of the most important part of Mad Dog, The Van. The Van is our most prized asset and he ensures it runs smoothly, as well as keeping the equipment maintained.


He’s always looking and researching new tech that we could use to make our service the most memorable we can.


Likes: Yoghurt

Dislikes: Bullsh*t

Our Team

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Our Founder, Emma, is a City & Guilds Qualified Groomer, experienced Canine First Aider and has extensive knowledge of canine anatomy, behaviour and breed grooming standards. Having that understanding of anatomy and behaviour ensures your dog is safe during the entire grooming process at Mad Dog.

She believes grooming should be for each and every dog and is making it her mission to bring Modern Mobile Grooming to the North West.


Likes: Chocolate

Dislikes: Hoovering

Rolo Close Up (1)-min.jpg


Head of Customer Relations

Our Head of Customer Relations, Rolo, is the reason Mad Dog exists. He was referred to as a Mad Dog by family and friends due to his outgoing nature. Basically, he’s one Mad Dog. 


18 months later, and the name has progressed into a successful line of businesses in both Canine Clothing and Grooming and it's all thanks to this top pooch.

Rolo enjoys a Hydrobath outside of work and once ate 4 Pupcakes in one day. 


Likes: Cheese

Dislikes: Cyclists

Our Service

We’ve invested in creating a service that is memorable and enjoyable for both of our clients; human and canine.


Each appointment includes the following as a standard.


We provide a full phone consultation before every appointment. 


We take time to get to know you and your dog to ensure the grooming experience is comfortable, enjoyable but most of all, meets your expectations. 

Velocity Dryer

We use a Airmax High Velocity Dryer which has a reduced sound output. 


Perfect for those dogs who are slightly nervous and sensitive to sound. We also use Happy Hoodies snoods to protect your dogs ear drums from any potential damage. 

Health Check

We provide a complete health-check on your dog.


We check their ears, eyes, teeth and skin for any abnormalities to ensure your dog is in the best health. If there are any concerns will will take the time to speak with you.



We finish the experience with a Puppacino.


We treat your dog to a Puppacino, whipped cream topped with a charcoal biscuit. This way your dog begins to associate grooming with feelings of enjoyment.

Hydro Therapy

We use a hydrotherapy bath for increased blood circulation. 


Our hydrobath gives us the capability to stimulate skin by a soft spray massaging water release, providing a therapeutic water massage for your dog, relieving tired muscles.

Doggy Bag

You and your dog receive one of our Doggy Bags.


Our famous Doggy Bag is packed with a Homemade Bandanna, Peanut Butter & Cream Cheese Pupcake, Loyalty Card and Discount Cards for you and your human friends.

Our Van

We invested the last 6 months in converting our van, researching and selecting leading equipment and sourcing the most natural, cruelty free products on the market to provide the most professional and enjoyable service. 

Redcape Hydrotherapy Bath

Adjustable shower head to manage pressure more effectively, external digital thermostat for temperature control and secure bath hooks for safety restraining.

Wahl Speed Clippers

The most powerful dog clipper, with minimal vibration, ultra-quiet for nervous dogs and rounded to facilitate optimum hair flow throughout the grooming process.

Thunder Paws Brushes

Made from stainless steel, the brushes we use have been designed to penetrate deep into your dog’s coat without scratching their skin. 


Hydraulic Table

Strong design for use with larger dogs and ultra smooth remote controlled motion, to reduce the amount of movement your dog has to do during the grooming process.  

Wahl Cordless Trimmers

The compact designed trimmers can be concealed in the hand for nervous dogs when trimming pads and hygiene areas. Low sounding to also promote comfortability.

Hygienic Gel-Coated Flooring

Most hygienic floor covering with non-slip entrance strips for extra grip when moving in and out of the van to reduce the possibility of accidents. 

Double K 

Airmax Dryer

High velocity dryer with a reduced sound output, ensures the best coat dry in the quickest time removing stress and worry your dog may have during the drying process.

Roseline Scissors

Highly regarded as the most professional scissors. Made from ICE-tempered stainless steel for durability with a serrated cutting edge providing a premium groom.

Insulated Thermal Lining

Fully insulated, to keep your dog warm in the winter and an air conditioning system to keep your dog cool in the summer.