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What are the different types of play?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

There are lots of different ways you can have fun and exercise with your dog, yet some types of play can be better than others.

Playing is one of the best things about having a dog as a pet, so it’s something that you can both look forward to as part of your day.

Hide and seek

Whether you tell your dog to wait or someone holds them for you, pick a fun place to hide and see how long it takes your pet to find you.

Find it

A very stimulating game that most dogs enjoy, it’s similar to hide and seek but this time you hide a toy or treat for your dog to find.


One of the classics, most dogs love to fetch, although some might need to be taught how to play it by using rewards. A great game for burning off energy, you’ll probably need to work on teaching your pet how to drop something if you want to get the toy or ball back, but it’s all fun time spent with your dog.


Another classic, it’s usually best not to let your dog chase you too much, but instead you can chase them or have them go after a soft toy. This is a great way for both of you to run around together in a game that has lots of interaction.


This is likely to be one of your dog’s favourite games to play, but it could be a good idea to stay away from it if your dog has dominance issues. Don’t be surprised to see your dog come and thrust one of their toys into your lap when you’re relaxing on the sofa, as they try to get you to have a good game of tug with them.

Playtime has a number of benefits, both in terms of stimulation and social interaction. Games like hide and seek and find it are brilliant for getting your dog to use their sense of smell, as well as their ears and eyes. You can play it both inside and out, helping your pet to learn how to recognise certain scents.

When it comes to social interaction, it can really help to strengthen the bond you have with your dog as they sniff you out and discover where you’re hiding.

Games like fetch and chase are great for physical exercise, helping your dog to stay in shape as well as burn off lots of energy. If you have more than one dog, they can be great games for them to play together as they try to be the first to catch the toy, and they may even go on to have a game of tug themselves after.

Each different game that you play with your dog teaches them more about things like boundaries and respect, but also brings you closer together.

Playtime is really important to your pet, and you’re sure to have a great time too.