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How do I bathe my dog at home?

We usually recommend bathing your dog as and when they need it. If your pet is a natural adventurer, you’re sure to find that they love to get muddy on long walks! Even if they do get a little mucky, it’s not always necessary to shampoo them every time. A warm rinse when you get home could be enough to get rid of the dirt.

Some dogs love bath time, while others don’t relish the thought of getting in the tub. Whichever category your pet falls under, our tips will help to make bath time easier and enjoyable experience if you choose to bathe your pet at home.

Using The Right Shampoo

Your dog’s skin has different pH levels to ours, so it’s important to use dog shampoo to prevent irritation or damage. Human shampoos should be avoided, as they won’t be suited to your dog’s skin and could irritate their skin and eyes. The good news is that there are a range of different types of dog shampoos suited to different types of coat on the market, so you should be able to find one to suit your pet. Our groomers can offer advice on the best shampoo to use for your dog’s coat if you’re unsure. We have a great range of specially selected dog shampoos in-store and online for you to choose from, from those designed for sensitive skin to those created to brighten up white coats.

Brush Your Dog Beforehand

Whatever type of coat your dog has, brushing them before their bath will help to get rid of any loose hair and fur, and should help to avoid matting when they’re drying.

Use A Hair Trap

Whether you’re using a handheld shower head or running a shallow bath, a hair trap is essential to stop your drain from getting clogged up.

Check The Temperature

Make sure the water isn’t too hot or cold. As well as being most comfortable for your dog, using warm water will help your dog shampoo to work better. Make sure you test the water temperature with your own hand before applying the water to your dog.

Be Careful Of Ears & Eyes

Wet their fur gently, and take care with getting their ears and eyes too wet. Water getting down your dog’s ear canals can cause infection, so it’s usually best to use a damp cloth to clean around their head. We would recommend wrapping a towel around your pets head and ears to protect this from happening.

Massage In The dog Shampoo

Work your chosen dog shampoo into their fur gently, then rinse and repeat if you need to. Again, be careful of their ears and eyes when applying the shampoo.

Dry Your Dog Fully

Once they’ve been washed, gently remove your dog from the bathing area and use a towel to remove the excess moisture from their fur. This should then be followed by a hairdryer set to a warm setting to slowly dry them off fully. Never leave your dog wet. If your pet doesn’t like the noise of the hairdryer then use a lower power setting – it’ll help not to startle or scare them.

If you don't feel confident washing your dog at home, then you can book an appointment for a Brush, Bath & Blow with us. We use cruelty free, organic, products to ensure your dog is comfortable and has an enjoyable experience.