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How do I stop my puppy being disruptive?

While it’s very easy to stop your puppy from causing too much mayhem when you’re with them, you obviously can’t keep your eye on them every single minute of the day, and especially when you need to go out. So unless you plan to leave them inside a crate every time you go out, you’ll need to tackle their destructive behaviour.

More often than not, this behaviour is caused by boredom separation anxiety, which is very common in puppies. Start by leaving your pup alone in a room or on the other side of a stair gate just for a minute or so, and keep building this up so they get comfortable with being left. It’s important that you don’t return to them while they’re whimpering, crying or barking, so wait for them to be quiet for 15 seconds before you go back into the room. Next you can start leaving your home, just for a few minutes at first and again slowly build it up to 10-15 minutes as you go for a quick walk round the block before leaving them for longer periods.

While it can be a lot of work, it’s definitely worth the time and effort to make sure your dog gets comfortable with being left on their own knowing that you’re always going to come back to them. Puppies like to chew things when they’re stressed, so leave them something like a Kong toy stuffed with treats when you go out. The first 15 minutes that your pup’s on their own are the most stressful for them, so having something like a Kong - which you can also fill with things like paste and freeze to help with their teething - will help them to get through this first part of being left alone.