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How do I train my dog to sit?

Teaching your dog to sit is a great place to start with your training. It can be a really valuable behaviour for them to learn.

For example, teaching your dog to sit at kerbs can make crossing roads safer and asking your dog to sit when greeting people means they¿re less likely to jump up.

As we've just become certified in Dog Training, we thought we'd put together a quick guide to training your dog to sit. Check it out below.

Teach your dog to sit in six steps:

  1. With your dog in a standing position, hold a tasty treat near their nose. Try this first in your garden or a safe clear space in your home.

  2. Keeping the treat near your dog's nose, move your hand in an arc over their head. As your dog raises their head to follow the treat, their bottom will go on the floor. The instant they sit, praise them and give them the treat.

  3. Practice this a number of times in short but regular sessions. Usually 5 minutes a day, three times a day. Try to practice this between 5-10 times each session and try different areas as there will be different distractions for them to avoid.

  4. As your dog always gets a treat for sitting you'll soon find they sit for longer. You can now add the cue word 'sit' as they go to sit. Be careful not to say it before your dog moves into position or they may associate it with the wrong command.

  5. Give an 'okay' cue to let your dog know when their training has ended and always praise them at the end so they know they've been good.

  6. Once they've learnt to sit, you can start removing the treat so they now sit on command. They should shortly start sitting without the use of a treat.

There you have it. Simple steps to teaching your dog to sit. Once you have this command nailed, other commands should be relatively similar to teach.