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What are the benefits of grooming?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Regular grooming is an essential part of caring for your pet’s overall health and well being. There are plenty of other health benefits to grooming, these include:

Health Checks

Regular grooming gives you the chance to identify any underlying health problems or unwanted visitors (like fleas or ticks) that may otherwise be missed. We always do a coat and health check with every groom with our professional in-salon groomers. If we identify anything unusual we may request that your dog visit a vet following your appointment.

Preventing Matting

For longer haired dogs, matted fur can become a serious problem if left without a groom for too long. Matting isn’t just uncomfortable for your pet, it could also cause other health problems like movement difficulties, circulation problems and could conceal wounds.

Keeping Skin & Coats Healthy

Regular grooming can also help your pet’s skin and coat breathe, as well as helping to replenish new and healthy fur.

If your dog has a long coat and is prone to matting, then it is essential you either groom your dog at home regularly or have your dog professionally groomed to prevent any unnecessary discomfort for your dog.