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Check out some of our reviews and see why we are rated 5* on Facebook, Google and Bark by our proper top clients. 

"I cannot believe Emma managed to wash and dry my Akita! After YEARS of having no one willing or able to do him (including a man who trains attack dogs) she has achieved the impossible, Mo looks fab, and the service was second to none, you have a customer for life with us! Mo loved the cupcake and bandanna! ❤️❤️"


"Emma was polite and helpful. She looked after both my Jack Russell's who both enjoyed the experience. Will be calling her again."


"Emma did an amazing job of our family dogs 🐶 a Jack Russel and a Norwegian elkhound with a particularly challenging coat...........both dogs came home fresh and happy 😃"


Emily & Mo, 
Susan, Polly and Jasper, 
The Wirral
Stephanie, Frank & Milo, 

"Bella loves going for her groom with Emma @ Mad Dog. Comes back and doesn't even want to know me."


Cassie & Bella, Yorkshire Terrier, 

"Wow, just wow. Mitch is used to grooming, but not like this. Love the small touches like the Puppacino and Doggy Bag, he looks great in his bandanna!"


Dennie & Mitch, Lhasa Rapso, 

"Incredible. They even took the time to play with Magic as he is very anxious around new people. Can’t fault the team. Magic has become so much more confident after regular appointments."


Magic & Anna, Collie Cross,  Denbighshire 

 "Really pleased with how Barney came back from his groom with Emma, never seen his coat look so healthy. Already booked in for the next appointment."


"My little Cavachon Lilly loved her experience and came back looking and smelling amazing. Great mobile service, would highly recommend."


"Emma was very quick in replying and was friendly and helpful it was my dogs first full groom and Emma was wonderful with her. She has a really good approach to your little fur baby and is lovely will definitely be keeping her as Peppas groomer Thanks from Ann and Peppa."


Mia & Barney,
Tom & Lilly, 
Ann & Peppa, 

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are the one's who trialled and tested our service when we first launched, to make sure that each and every one our clients received the most professional and enjoyable experience. They are proper top dogs. 

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Yorkshire Terrier

Bella is a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier. She is originally from Bolton and lives with her Mum, Cassie. 

Bella has been groomed since she was a puppy and is used to being groomed in a salon environment in Manchester.


Bella first came to us when her Mum, Cassie, wanted to find a groomer closer to home.


She booked her first appointment in September 2019 and has been seeing us ever since. 

Her favourite part of the groom is the paw massage. The Pro Pooch Paw Balm, helps maintain her paws, when she’s out for her walks in the park.

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Black Labrador

Oreo is a 4-year-old black Labrador and has a twin brother called Milo, who lives just a few miles away. 

Oreo was usually treated to a groom when it was his birthday, and had never been groomed regularly.


After we explained the health benefits that regular grooming can provide, even for short haired dogs, Oreos Humans decided he should be treated more than just on his birthday. 

His favourite part of the groom is the hydrotherapy bath and shower massage.


The rubber curry brush gets deep into the coat and also gives Oreo a good scratch, which his face says he loves.

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Simba is an Akita and lives with his parents Carly and Jaz in Warrington. 

Simba is an outgoing boy who just loves people and attention, of course. As an Akita, Simba is very prone to shedding.


Simba jumps into the van when we arrive. He loves being brushed and loves a good scratch under his belly. He was nervous at first, but have become much more confident.


De-shedding, generally, is an enjoyable experience for Simba, although he’s a little bit hesitant with the dryer.

His favourite part of the groom is brushing. He’s loves the use of the deshedding brush on his back.

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Collie Cross

Magic is a 2 year old Collie Cross and is very nervous around people, especially new people. 

Magic had never been for a professional groom before coming to us. When they first contacted us they explained that


Magic was very anxious around new people. We took the time to get to play with Magic before his first appointment so he knew we weren’t a threat.


Once we established trust, we introduced Magic gently into the grooming experience.

His favourite part of the groom is the hydrotherapy bath. He’s one of the only dogs we know who loves getting wet.

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