Paw Massage

Our paw massage is a proactive therapy that addresses future health issues and can also help with certain problems your dog many already have. 

Our paw massage is carried out at the end of their groom and includes our Pro Pooch Paw Balm to relax and moisturise their paws. 

Massaging specific areas can be good for very specific organs, systems and parts of your dog’s body.



Our Treatments

We’ve invested in creating  treatments that are purposeful and enjoyable for our canines.

Our treatments have been specifically designed to address specif areas of your dogs coat, face and paws. We use Pro Pooch organic, cruelty free products to deliver our treatments. 

Poodle Dog-min.jpg


3-6 Months

De-Matting is the process of removing mats and tangles from coats. Most common on dogs with thick, or long coats. Long-haired dogs that like to get wet are especially likely to develop these coat problems.

Fine-coated dogs and dogs with long, thick undercoats will quickly mat if they are not brushed regularly.


If your dog loves the outdoors, then they will likely pick up burrs, sticks and leaves that can cause their coat to mat more quickly.

If you find your dog has developed mats and tangles, then De-Matting treatment would be reasonable to consider.


If we determine that your dog’s coat is severely matted, then we will discuss with you the more humane options to ensure their welfare is the priority.

Targeted and general De-Matting is priced on a case basis and can be discussed during your consultation.



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Deep Conditioning

3-6 Months

Our deep conditioning treatment can help to restore natural oils relieving in your dogs coat, relieving itchy skin and giving the coat an opportunity to become healthy.


A healthy conditioning on your dog’s skin can also create a healthy coat and foster coat growth.

Conditioning your dog’s skin will also help remedy any skin issues. But more than a remedy, a deep skin conditioning can ease the discomfort of dry skin.


If your dog has dry, flaky skin, then they would benefit from a deep conditioning treatment. 



Labrador Dog-min.jpeg


3-6 Months

De-Shedding is the process of removing hair from your pet’s undercoat which may not be effectively removed with brushing, as this focuses primarily on removing hair and debris from the top layer of fur.

Perfect for dog breeds that are prone to shedding, our dedicated De-Shedding treatment includes;


Pre bath De-Shedding with Thunder Paws De-Shedding tools selected specifically for your pet.

Bath with organic, natural, cruelty free shampoo and conditioner.

Brush and airmax blow dry to remove any remaining loose hairs.

Additional final De-Shedding following a Hydrobath for a perfect finish.

De-shedding is priced on breed and be discussed during your consultation.



Chocolate Labrador Dog-min.jpeg



3-6 Months

Our refreshing facial treatment an excellent way of 

removing tear stains and enhancing your dogs coat's colour naturally while providing a calming experience

for your dog.

Our facial is beneficial for all colours and coats, not just light coats.

Our facial is applied after a deep-coat wash and brush and also includes a head massage in a circular motion to penetrate the skin. 

Regular facials can provide rich levels of vitamins A, D and E to promote a healthy coat.



Spaniel Dog-min.jpeg

Teeth Cleaning

Professional Teeth Cleaning


We now offer professional teeth cleaning. 


It is estimated that by the time they are 2 years old, 80% of dogs begin to show signs of oral disease.


A regularly scheduled oral hygiene routine is one of the best ways to protect your dog from oral diseases as well as tooth loss.


Ultrasound teeth cleaning reaches deep below the gum line to kill germs and bacteria and cleans both the teeth and gums to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. It’s also proven to increase blood flow to the gums to heal wounds and stop bleeding. 

Professional teeth cleaning also combats; gingivitis, periodontist and oral cavity diseases,

Our Treatment


We use a top of the range ultrasound toothbrush from Emmi-Pet and a specially formulated ultrasound toothpaste. Your dog will have their own toothbrush as part of their experience. 

Vibration Free

The soft bristles are held against the teeth/gums allowing your pet's teeth to be cleaned gently without the irritation of vibration or noise.


Having your dog’s teeth treated during their groom will be beneficial, to keep your dog’s teeth healthy.

Improved Health

Bacteria from a dental infection can result in other organs being compromised, including the heart valves and kidneys.


Regular teeth cleaning can act as a preventative and improve your dog’s dental health.

Vet Recommended

Ultrasound tooth brushes cleans more effectively than regular brushing, destroying bacteria even in gum pockets.


Professional teeth cleaning is recommended by vets as a preventative measure.



Although we would recommend regular teeth cleaning, having your dog’s teeth treated during their groom will be beneficial, to keep your dog’s teeth healthy.


If you notice a build-up of plaque, you can book a course of sessions with us, at a reduced rate. 

First Session


Additional Sessions 


Special Programme 

5 Sessions – £80

10 Sessions – £150

15 Sessions - £220

Our Gallery

Check out our brand new van, the equipment and products we use to deliver the most professional and enjoyable service to our clients. 

Our Products

We use cruelty free, organic products.


We have a variety of shampoos and conditioners for different types of coats and breeds and will use the best suited product to bring out the best in your dog’s coat. If you're dog has any skin conditions please let us know during the consultation. 


Aloe Soothe Shampoo

The Wahl Aloe Vera Shampoo is made from all-natural ingredients and includes Aloe Vera Gel to soothe and cool, Avocado and Coconut to moisturise and wheat extract to deodorise.

The organic shampoo is designed to calm skin irritations and lift grease from the coat.


Copper Tones Shampoo

The Wahl Copper Tones Shampoo is made from all-natural ingredients and includes extracts of peach, pear, passion-flower and effectively removes dirt, grease and stains. 

The organic shampoo is used to enhance red, brown and copper coats.


Deep Coat Conditioner

The Wahl Coat Conditioner is made from all-natural ingredients and includes Vitamin E and conditioning compounds to gently enrich, moisturize and protect the hair after shampooing.

The organic conditioner is used to make the coat smooth, soft and shiny.


Organic Ear Cleaner

The Pro Pooch Ear Cleaner is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, is free from Alcohol, Parabens and Silicones and is a safe alternative to cleaning ear cavities. 

The organic cleaner is used for the removal of wax and debris from the ear.


Oatmeal Essence Shampoo

The Wahl Oatmeal Essence Shampoo is made from all-natural ingredients and includes Coconut extract and Sweet Almond Oil to moisturise and promote healthy skin and coat.

The organic shampoo is used to cool and soothe sensitive skin.


Deep Black Shampoo

The Wahl Deep Black Shampoo is made from all-natural ingredients and includes extracts of peach, pear, passion-flower and kiwi-fruit achieves outstanding results on black coats.

The organic shampoo is used to remove dirt, grease and stains from coats.


Hydrating De-Tangling Spray

The Pro Pooch Hydrating De-Tangling Spray is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients and and uses citrus extracts seek to replenish the skin and coat.

The organic spray is used to gently remove tangles, to avoid over brushing.


Fresh Breath Spray

The Pro Pooch Breath Spray is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. The formula tackles the causes of bad breath, plaque build-up and gum diseases.


The organic spray is used to break down bacteria at the source.


Diamond White Shampoo

The Wahl Diamond White Shampoo is made from all-natural ingredients and includes extracts of cucumber, passion fruit flower, lemon and lime to effectively remove dirt, grease and stains.

The organic shampoo is used to enhance white and light coats.


Dirty Beastie Shampoo

The Wahl Dirty Beastie Organic Shampoo is made from all-natural ingredients and includes extracts of Peach, Pear, Passion-Flower and Kiwi Fruit.

The organic shampoo is used to effectively cleanse thick coats.


Natural Tear Stain Remover

The Pro Pooch Tear Stain Remover is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. The formula has been designed to penetrate your dog’s follicle structure.


The organic remove is used to remove eye, tear and saliva stains.


Soothing Paw Balm

The Pro Pooch Paw Balm is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients and is allergen free. It transports carrier oils into the paw tissue to quickly enable maximum absorption.


The organic balm is used to moisturise your dog’s paws.

Our Reviews

Check out some of our reviews and see why we are rated 5* on Facebook, Google and Bark by our proper top clients. 

"I cannot believe Emma managed to wash and dry my Akita! After YEARS of having no one willing or able to do him (including a man who trains attack dogs) she has achieved the impossible, Mo looks fab, and the service was second to none, you have a customer for life with us! Mo loved the cupcake and bandanna! ❤️❤️"


"Emma was polite and helpful. She looked after both my Jack Russell's who both enjoyed the experience. Will be calling her again."


"Emma did an amazing job of our family dogs 🐶 a Jack Russel and a Norwegian elkhound with a particularly challenging coat...........both dogs came home fresh and happy 😃"


Emily & Mo, 
Susan, Polly and Jasper, 
The Wirral
Stephanie, Frank & Milo, 


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